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The Norwegian Genealogical Society (NSF) is Norway’s oldest national association for genealogists. The Association was established in 1926 and currently has more than 1700 members in Norway and abroad.

The Association normally publishes two issues of the scientific journal “Norsk Slektshistorisk Tidsskrift” (NST) and two issues of the Association’s members’ journal “Genealogen”.

Additional books and journals are published at irregular intervals – some have been free for our members, others sold at a discounted price. One of the publications is the book about the founders of the Norwegian constitution and their families and ancestors “Eidsvollsmennene – Hvem var de?” which was published in the anniversary year 2014. The book “Segltegninger fra hyllingene i Norge i 1591 og 1610” (Drawings of several thousand seals of peasants, chivalry and priests) was published in 2010. Both of these are available in our web shop Slektsbutikken. Earlier works include “Who researches what in Norwegian genealogy” (1998) and standard works such as Jørgen Gløersen’s “Deaths in Norway” and Olai Ovenstad’s “Military Biographies 1628–1814”.

NSF has digitized its members magazine Genealogen, the first 20 issues are available for all, but members have access to several more. These are also available to buy and we have also digitized our journal NST and our first 35 volumes are available from our web shop. One of our publications is the large 12 volume collection of Danish and Norwegian officers in the period 1648 to 1814, published on a DVD with a full name register. These are for sale in Slektsbutikken.

The Association’s main goal is, and has always been, to publish articles and other literature for the purpose of increasing knowledge and interest in family history in Norway. From 1927, NSF has published NST with two issues per year – where four issues over two years constitute a volume. To date, it has resulted in more than 15,000 pages of some of the best genealogical literature available in Norway. The publication has the status of a scientific journal.

NSF’s members’ magazine “Genealogen” also comes with two issues per year. In “Genealogen” we publish both lighter and heavier articles, and in addition we publish any Association relevant articles, news and notices. In addition, we publish and maintain the website you are currently reading.

Library and office

The Norwegian Genealogical Society (NSF) has its offices in Industriveien 6 in Lørenskog right outside Oslo. Here you will find the Association’s extensive collection of books with family-related literature, “bygdebøker” (local history books) and manuals. The Norwegian collection is large; there are a lot of books from other Nordic countries, and also some literature from the rest of the world, mainly Europe. The library is open to everyone on Saturdays from 11 am to 3 pm, and experienced members of the Association will help finding the material you want. During the summer vacation and Christmas and Easter holidays the library is closed.

Projects and workshops

At any given time, our Association releases various projects and working groups. The most important project right now is our online Family History Wiki. The purpose of this is to help all genealogists with important information that they need for their research. This wiki is open for genealogists from all over the world.


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